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Hey Sis, Bundle of Boujee provides RAW SEA (South East Asian) extensions and some virgin hair extensions also. If you didn’t know, that’s the best of the best! To put emphasis on raw, this hair has not been altered in any way by steam nor chemicals especially not for texture unless stated otherwise. Each bundle has the natural texture of the donors natural hair. Raw extensions will last you up to 4 years or more with proper care.
Strictly For Your Knowledge
Raw hair is 100% unprocessed and comes in its natural state. No Chemical, No Heat, No steamed processing for curls. No two bundles are the same, the natural curl pattern won’t be much different but your bundles will not be identical twins, more like sisters! Due to the authenticity, raw bundles require love, care and attention as any real hair would.
Following these proper care steps will ensure longevity for your Raw S.E.A. extensions.
1. Use proper products. -Tresemme, Pantene, Paul Mitchell or Nexxus.
2. Use Silk or Satin Materials. - It is highly recommended to use silk or satin materials such as scarfs and bonnets to tie your hair down with at night. Raw extensions are natural unprocessed, sleeping without wrapping your hair up will cause tangles as it would just as your hair would in its natural state. - If you are wearing a lace frontal or closure, it is also recommended to tie that down, front to back as well, especially when laying down, working out or showering.
3. Keep hair detangled. - Preferably throughout the day, use the tip of your fingers to keep your hair from detangling, although with raw extensions, there won’t be much but tangling is a natural process for any type of hair. When detangling, always start at the ends and work your way up avoiding snagging and tugging. Keep in mind, the hair has been sewn onto a weft. Pulling or snagging too hard will detach the hair from the weft and cause shedding. - If you fail the proper care instructions & your hair becomes tangled, saturate your hair using a spray bottle containing water and conditioner, and GENTLY brush detangling from the ends of your hair to the root. Afterwards, go through the shampooing process.
4. Shampooing. - Use warm water while shampooing and conditioning. After conditioning, rinse with cool water to seal the cuticles to prevent split ends. - Always let hair air dry. - Do not use heavy leave in conditioners. - If you like to wear “the wet look”, in a bottle, include, 90% water, 10% leave in conditioner and add oil serum after to prevent dryness.
5. Coloring. - Dying or bleaching your extensions would be considered chemically altering your hair. It is recommended that you use 20 volume developer when altering your extensions. - Keep in mind, altering your bundles chemically could change the curl pattern or damage your hair if not done professionally. -With Love, Bundle Of Boujee. 🖤